The genesis and teachings of christianity

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Meaning and Significance of the Names of God in Genesis

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Curse of Ham

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1877 Reasons Christianity is False

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10 Basic Christian Beliefs

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We can communicate standing up Society. Jan 29,  · The enslaved and Christianity The enslaved and Christianity. One of the most common misconceptions about Christianity was that it turned Africans into servile slaves. GENESIS. In the beginning was the Mind, and the Mind was with God, and the Mind was God.

The same was in the beginning with God. And God said, "Let there be knowledge, and there was knowledge. And God saw the knowledge that it was good; and God divided the knowledge from ignorance. And God called the knowledge day, and the ignorance he called night. We both believe in one God (Genesis ; Deuteronomy ; Ephesians ), hold to marriage as defined by God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis), and have a basis for logic, knowledge, and the truth since we are made in the image of a logical, truthful God (Genesis –27).

Mystic Christianity

Christianity would not be what it is if there was not a risen Savior, who was the promised redeemer (Genesis ). Though Jesus was the Son of God (Matthew ; John ; ; Romans ; Hebrews ), He was also born to human parents (Matthew ;. Christian Beliefs features several different sections which cover Bible prophecy.

The 70th Week of Daniel Bible Study Series explains the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel, which most people assign to the end times as a 7-year tribulation period.

The truth is that the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week, from A.D.; when Messiah and His disciples confirmed. "Christianity is a religion founded on a message of good news rooted in the significance of the life of Jesus Christ.

In Scripture, then, doctrine refers to the entire body of essential theological truths that define and describe that message.

The genesis and teachings of christianity
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Olivet Discourse, Revelation Timeline Decoded, 70th Week Of Daniel