A discussion on the government practice of civil forfeiture the practice of confiscating assets and

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Sessions reinstates asset forfeiture policy at Justice Department

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The owner then has 35 exceptionally to file a sense with the seizing agency. Jun 08,  · It’s mystifying that the SC hasn’t stopped the practice of government seizure of assets in drug cases when the property was not acquired from the sale of drugs.

The financial incentives to confiscate all assets unrelated to a crime is enormous. As I watch, and re-watch, the video of President Trump encouraging the nation’s top law enforcement officials – county sheriffs – to employ the tool of asset forfeiture, it appears to me that the President is not clear on the exact nature of “civil,” versus “criminal,” asset forfeiture, or the Constitutional objections to civil forfeiture.

Nevertheless, a President isn’t expected to know everything – that’s what advisers are for. On July 19th, the Trump DOJ, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced an expansion of Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF) laws. CAF is the questionable practice of law enforcement confiscating cash and other assets from suspects involved in illegal drug activities.

And because many people cannot afford it, they are simply going to lose their assets. Civil asset forfeiture has been deemed an unconstitutional and unjust practice by a variety of legal scholars, civil liberties advocates, various political figures, human rights advocates, and others.

Forfeiture is a practice by which law enforcement transfers assets – cash, vehicles, homes, etc. – from private citizens to the government. Criminal forfeiture occurs after the conviction of a person and is widely-accepted as legitimate.

The problem is with civil forfeiture. Civil Asset Forfeiture Civil asset forfeiture allows the government to seize cash, cars, real estate, or other property Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund to be used exclusively for law enforcement, rather than requiring these assets In .

A discussion on the government practice of civil forfeiture the practice of confiscating assets and
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